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Hydration System for Hypodermoclysis

The simple and alternative method to IV hydration therapy, the Aqua-C is an easy and convenient way of providing hydration for long-term care patients where venous access can be difficult or unacceptable.

The Aqua-C is easier and less distressing to administer than IV hydration, more suitable for home use, and often eliminates the need for hospitalization to find a vein.  The Aqua-C’s smaller gauge needles enhance patient comfort while its two-needle design promotes even fluid dispersion.

Hypodermoclysis does not cause thrombophlebitis and is less likely than IV administration to cause pulmonary edema or fluid overload. The Aqua-C is the perfect solution where IV access is not an option.

Aqua-C Features and Benefits:

  • clear, soft insertion / anchoring disk for optimum viewing of the insertion site
  • adhesive backed disk lies flat against the patient’s skin, promoting needle stability and secure placement
  • small needle size for a near painless experience
  • suitable for home use, eliminates the need for hospitalization